Volvo Cars App Subscription | What is Volvo On Call?

Volvo On Call is a subscription based service featuring the Volvo Cars mobile app that keeps you in communication with your Volvo Car.  

The subscription includes useful functionality within three areas:

  • Volvo Cars mobile app (available through iTunes, Google Play store, and Microsoft Store)- lock/unlock doors, remote start/stop engine, car warnings, driving journal, vehicle information, honk and flash, send to car, calendar card, and roadside assistance
  • Safety services - direct access to accident or breakdown services from Volvo Roadside  
  • Security services - remote door unlock by Volvo On Call, theft alarm notification, stolen vehicle tracking and in some areas vehicle immobilization

You can renew directly through your Volvo Cars app or online here. For the SOS (emergency call/crash notification) no subscription is required.

*Note: The complimentary four year subscription is valid from the initial date of activation.  If the subscription was activated prior to purchase date of the vehicle, it will go from the original activation date.  There is no way to extend, pause, or renew the complimentary subscription. When the expiration date is near for your Volvo On Call services, you will get a notification to renew.

Note: We do not offer pro-rated subscription plans. Unfortunately, the Volvo On Call subscription is non-transferable or refundable once purchased, as stated in your Volvo On Call Subscriber Agreement. Please see the Volvo On Call Terms and Conditions below for the full description.