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Manny Bernardo | Owner/Dealer Principal
Owner/Dealer Principal | 43+ Years
401-723-4700 x111

As Dealer Owner/Principal, Manny is on-site everyday making sure the entire organization is running smoothly. Still very much involved with all day-to-day operations, he is the back-bone of the dealership, but still makes time for his long-time customers. His attention to detail is second to none.

Stephen Bernardo | Director of Sales
Director of Sales | 18+ Years
401-723-4700 x125

With vast knowledge of finance and leasing options, Stephen is the perfect choice for quick and efficient transactions. You'll be more than pleased with the treatment Stephen provides, and you'll be sure to leave with a few laughs in the process.

Michael Bernardo | Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing | 17+ Years
401-723-4700 x126

With an exciting personality and tremendous Volvo knowledge, Michael will be sure to explain every detail of your vehicle and handle your entire transaction with unmatched efficiency. Michael is also an expert with Extended Warranty products, and can help facilitate an easy purchasing process.

Lesley Bernardo | Owner/Receptionist
Owner/Receptionist | 33+ Years
401-723-4700 x0

The proud wife of Manny and the mother of her boys Stephen and Michael, Lesley is the heart of the showroom and is always ready to put a smile on your face. Her personality is unmatched, and all who meet her will quickly see why. Whether you're picking up your vehicle from Service, calling in schedule an appointment or stopping in to purchase a vehicle, Lesley will be the first one to greet you and is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Brian McHayle | Sales Product Manager
Sales Product Manager | 26+ Years
401-723-4700 x127

With 26+ years of Volvo knowledge and expertise, Brian leaves a lasting impression with his clients with his well-mannered and polite personality. He knows the vehicles inside and out, and can answer any questions you throw at him. You'll enjoy every minute spent during your visit with Brian.

Susan Cota | Director of Service
Director of Service | 26+ Years
401-723-4700 x123

With an amazing personality, and incredible Volvo knowledge, Susan will always greet you with a smile in the Service Department. As our Director of Service for 26+ years, she will make sure to explain exactly what your vehicle needs during your visit.

Richard Lavallee | Asst. Director of Service
Asst.Director of Service | 20+ Years
401-723-4700 x122

With 20+ years of Volvo knowledge and expertise, Richard will make sure your vehicle is diagnosed in a timely manner, and always leaves a lasting impression with his clients with his well-mannered and polite personality. You're in good hands with Richard.